Quality Floorboard Sanding & Polishing Burnside

Sand and Polish Your Burnside Home Timber Floors to Give Them a New Lease of Life

There is a beauty and warmth about wooden floors that is hard for ceramic floors and even natural stone floors to match. But with use, these floors do lose their initial gloss and shine, may develop small cracks and other deterioration of the surface. Fortunately, a timber floor can be revived through sanding and polishing.

If you are in Burnside, Adelaide, it is not difficult to find companies that can carry out quality sanding and polishing work that will give your wooden floors a new lease of life. To start such work, it is necessary to ensure that the entire floor that needs this treatment is cleared of all furniture and any other debris or dirt. The floor must then be checked for any protruding nails, screws or other fasteners, and these must either be driven in till they no more project out or removed. It may also be necessary to make any repairs to wooden floor areas in Burnside that have been damaged in any way.

Sanding is carried out by most of these companies using sanders that work on electricity and can be large equipment which must be brought in through existing doors. The use of this sanders will cause a lot of dust, and the room being sanded must be well ventilated. Some modern-day equipment has vacuum devices that keep down the dust by sucking it into bags, that need to be periodically cleaned. Sanders used are rotary sanders or belt sanders. Rotary sanders remove less of timber and are easier to control. This equipment uses various grades of sandpaper, and the operators will move from coarser to finer till all the scratches and imperfections in the floor are removed and you get a finish that is smooth and scratch-free.

Edges of the rooms will require to be finished by handheld sanders, as the larger floor-mounted sanders will not be able to approach these areas easily. The entire sanded floor must then be examined for any scratches and repairs made where necessary, with these repairs often carried out by hand. The floor is then ready for polishing or any other coating that is desired. 

The polish must be applied in two or three coats until the required degree of gloss or finish is achieved. It is not uncommon to use an application of polyurethane over the floor, even if it’s not polished. This gives you a very hard surface that is not demanding of maintenance.