Quality Floorboard Sanding & Polishing Adelaide

Proper Sanding and Polishing can Give Your Timber Floor A Rejuvenated Look

Timber floors will require some major maintenance after some time and this can be achieved by sanding and polishing them. An old timber floor gets a new look once it is properly sanded down, and polishing renews the lustre that it originally had. 

The process must start with preparing the floor for sanding, whether you do it manually with sandpaper or use machines. Timber flooring is likely to have nails used for their original installation, and some of these nails can come up above the surface after the floor has been in use for some time. You have to make sure that every nail is pushed down below the surface with a nail punch and hammer so that it will not protrude and rip the sandpaper. You can also make repairs to any holes, dents or nicks with timber putty and sawdust.

The first grade of sandpaper used manually or in the machine must be of a rougher texture, depending on the condition of the floor. The drumhead of the machine must rest on the floor before it is switched on, and the sanding action must be in the direction of the grain on the timer boards making up the flooring. Move forward in one row, complete it, and then start again on the second row, with a slight overlap. When you get near the skirting, you may require an edge sander, with a finer grit of sandpaper. If you are using a sander, make sure that you wear proper goggles, dust masks, and ear muffs if necessary. See that the room you are working on is well ventilated. Vacuum the floor to remove all dust before you start the next step. 

Change the sandpaper to a medium grade and repeat the entire process. Clean up and finish the sanding with fine paper till you get a fine and polished feeling when you run your hand over the floor. The floor then needs to be cleaned very thoroughly of any dust and wiped over with a cloth that is just moist, and then allowed to dry thoroughly. Floors can then be polished or coated with any other floor finish. Water-based polyurethane is the easiest way to apply a finish polish coat on a timber floor. It dries up quickly and will allow you to apply all the required three coats of finishing in just one day. 

Your floor should be ready for use within a day after the polish has completely dried up.